About PVDynamics

We’re here to make things work well and look great. We saw major problems with existing solar roofing systems and fixed them with our revolutionary design. Our goal is to see more public structures harnessing solar energy in everyday spaces. Increasing the use of renewable energy for a better and more sustainable future.

PVDynamics | Energy by design

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Experts in structure and design

Over 70 years of combined construction industry experience

Our team members have provided expert services to some of Adelaide’s most iconic building projects.

With our industry experience and technical expertise, we’ve come together to develop revolutionary solar structure solutions.

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We bring innovative thinking and years of experience to the solar structure industry

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Why we’re different

We Innovate

We use innovative thinking to create enduring solutions for existing problems. Our organisation was born to bring dynamic products to life.

We Solve Problems

We identify existing problems and think outside the square to solve them. Our solar shade structures have made installing solar panels easier, quicker and safer.

We Value You

We value the relationships we have with our clients and industry colleagues. We'll always deliver premium service and proven solutions.

We Design, Test and Build

Whether we're designing a bespoke structure or creating a new industrial product, we experiment often and prove always.

We're Australian Made

Our designs and products are developed and made in Australia, with most components sourced locally in South Australia.

Government grant winners

Supported by the Australian Government through Accelerating Commercialisation, an element of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme

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