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Government – City of Onkaparinga

The Wakefield House Positive Ageing Centres provide a welcoming and secure space for community members to participate in a variety of activities.
PVDynamics collaborated with The City of Onkaparinga to create the council’s inaugural solar car park at a community facility.
Their 22kW solar power system is expected to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions by 14 tonnes per year and save over $7500 in energy costs.

Commercial carport – West Thebarton

The high tech offices located at 32 West Thebarton Road aimed to showcase their advanced nature by incorporating a solar car parking in front of their building. However, this presented a challenge as the area was situated on the south side of the building, requiring the canopy to face south to avoid being overshadowed by the building. Additionally, the canopy had to maintain a height of 3m on the road side.
To address these issues, Bifacial solar panels were utilised to generate power from the underside, which helped compensate for the slight power loss
resulting from the structure facing south.

School bike shelter

Minx Architecture, a renowned architectural firm, has designed a stunning solar bike shelter for the students at St Mary Mackillop Catholic Primary School. The design integrates modern aesthetics with the latest sustainable technology to provide a functional and visually appealing shelter for the students’ bicycles.

The structure was built with precision and expertise by Magellan Projects, a reputable construction company with a track record of delivering quality projects.

In addition to being eco-friendly, the bike shelter design is visually striking. The sleek lines and contemporary materials used in its construction create a modern and attractive addition to the school’s facilities.

Residential solar carport, Avalon beach

Casey Brown Architecture has designed a solar carport that is both visually
appealing and environmentally sustainable. The structure features a
combination of rustic corten steelwork and modern PVDynamics solar roofing
technology, which work together seamlessly to produce energy while also
enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the carport.

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