SERIES 100 solar panel roofing system

Making it quick, easy and safe to build solar shade structures.

We offer assistance in integrating our solar roofing system into your structural design. Additionally, we provide an easily installable system complete with customised clips designed specifically for our rail and transoms, tailored to meet your requirements.


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Patented solar panel roofing system

We’ve seen too many solar shade projects blow out in time and budget because of poor planning or unsuitable design. So we designed a revolutionary system to fix the problems.

Our patented SERIES 100 solar roofing system is designed to stop:

  • Solar panels getting damaged during installation
  • Rain leaking through so-called ‘waterproof’ solar roofs
  • Difficulties in removing damaged solar panels for maintenance
  • Limited options for architectural designs
  • Roofing structures that only suit certain solar panels
  • Messy cable management
  • On-site time blow outs
  • Safety concerns due to under-engineered designs

Using innovative thinking and years of construction experience, we designed a revolutionary system that makes it quicker, easier and safer to build solar shade structures.

SERIES 100: solar panel roofing system


Uses multiple barriers to create a weatherproof structure to protect from the sun and the rain.

Suits most panels

Adjustable to fit most commercial solar panels, including framed and frameless.

Reduces damage

Working from below reduces damage to panels during installation.

Architecturally designed

Our roofing system can be customised to suit almost any architectural design.

Cyclone rated

Meets the requirements for wind region C, which includes the north coast of Australia.

Easy slide-in system

Slide-in mechanism makes installing and maintaining your solar panels safe and simple.

Customisable size & finish

The modular design can be built to suit any size structure and can be finished in a range of colours.

Safer for the crew

Our patented system is safer to use because your crew don’t have to work from above the panels.

Pre-assembled fittings

Our rails come pre-assembled with encapsulated nuts meaning you need fewer loose fittings on site.

Cable management

Our roofing system includes integrated cable management which helps to conceal unsightly cables from view and vandalism.

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Fast installation

There’s nothing worse than time blow-outs on a large construction project. The client is furious and you’re scrambling to get the job done. Our system makes it easy to install solar panels using our patented slide-in and clamp mechanism. Instead of wasting time screwing down every corner of every panel, your crew can simply slide-in them in and fix them with our pre-assembled fixings.

Reduces damage to solar panels

Every time your crew touch the surface of a solar panel, it probably gets damaged or worse. Most solar panel manuals will advise you not to walk on them, stack them or accidentally drop tools on them. With our system, your crew won’t have to walk or lean on panels to screw them down. They simply slide each panel in (touching only the sides) and clamp the rail tight.

Cable free look

Experience seamless installation with our 100 Series Roofing System, featuring bespoke cable clips engineered for rapid installation. Our custom-designed clips ensure secure and tidy DC cable management. Elevate your structure with our thoughtful design, bringing you a hassle-free and aesthetically pleasing roofing solution.

Easy maintenance

Until now you’d have to spend hours removing every panel around a broken one just to get to it. With SERIES 100, you simply unclamp the row with the broken panel, slide it out and slide in a new one. So you only have to remove the panels in that row. Easier, quicker and safer.

Fully engineered

The SERIES 100 has been engineered from start to finish to make sure it’s structurally sound and designed to work as intended. We’ve factored in ease-of-use, safety considerations, ongoing maintenance and customer expectations as part of the design. It’s a fully designed system that solves the problems others on the market haven’t.


Unlike other solar roofing systems, the SERIES 100 is waterproof. Most other systems simply use a silicone join between each panel, but framed panels were never intended to be waterproof. That’s why our system was designed to make solar panel roofs waterproof using multiple points of resistance. The SERIES 100 is also meets the wind resistance requirements for wind region C, including the north coast of Australia.

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