Car Parks

Solar car parks custom-designed for you

Our solar roofing system makes it easy to provide shade cover for your customers while reducing your power bills.
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Large-scale car parking structures

From shopping centres to airports to universities and more, our large-scale solar car parks provide shade and weather protection for your customers while generating renewable energy.

Electric car charging stations

Electric car charging points can be hard to find. Our eye-catching designs make it easy for drivers to see, and our weatherproof solar cover protects people and equipment from the harsh environment.

Providing all-weather protection

Our roofing system is weatherproof to protect your visitors in all conditions. This means your customers can park and load their cars in comfort, not matter the weather. Our design is also rated for cyclone conditions.

Reduce your energy bills

As we move to a renewable future, organisations are looking to source or supplement power through on-site generation and storage. A solar shade structure will pay you for life as an on-site microgrid that reduces your energy bills.

Make better use of your property

Many existing buildings can't hold rooftop solar panels due to space or structural concerns. Our solar car parks allow you to make the most of the space you have by providing much-needed parking facilities that give back to your bottom line.

Quicker, easier and safer installation

Our solar roofing system makes it easier, safer and quicker to build solar car park structures. The revolutionary clamping design makes it easy to install and access panels. The system makes maintenance a simple, no-fuss process and saves disruptions to installation onsite.

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