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Solar structures that look great

Our solar shade structures are architecturally designed to be elegant as well as functional.
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Bespoke designs

Our solar roofing system can be used on almost any shade structure. Whether you need us to create a bespoke design, or you have your own plan you want to build, our system can work for you. Make an aesthetic and environmental statement with a functional and elegant structure that pays you back with renewable energy.

Transport hubs

From bus terminals to airports to train stations, our solar shade shelters provide all-weather protection for commuters and travellers. All the while generating power which can be directed back into your building operations.

Schools and universities

With our custom-designed solar shade structures, you'll make power savings while you protect your staff and students from the weather by installing sheltered walkways, solar-powered study zones, covered community hubs and more.

Civic centres and public spaces

Our architectural solar structures can be designed to suit a range of public uses including, covered walkways, amphitheatre cover, sporting ground facilities, solar-powered charging stations and more.

Tourism venues

Imagine being able to offset the power bills of your tourism venue by installing solar car parking or shade structures for your visitors. Show your customers you care about them and the planet by making renewable energy a functional part of your venue.

Off-grid solutions

We work with leading solar energy experts to design off-grid and battery storage solutions so you can make the most of the power you generate, not matter where you are.

Providing all-weather protection

Our roofing system is weatherproof to protect your visitors in all conditions. This means your visitors can park and load their cars in comfort, not matter the weather. Our design is also rated for cyclone conditions.

Easier, quicker and safer installation

Our solar roofing system makes it easier, safer and quicker to build solar shade structures. The revolutionary clamping design makes it easy to install and access panels. The system makes maintenance a simple, no-fuss process and saves you time and money onsite.

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